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2021 is not an Infographic Year

 So now I know - My 80% is good enough.


I’m not waiting any longer to write a blog post about each of the things I’ve tried this year since I missed my March 2021 deadline. [This tendency comes from the evaluator in me wanting to analyze each activity individually and share the results/learning.] And I'm not trying to get everything into an infographic like I've done before.


This is my YEAR-END SUMMARY and plans to come as I reflect on 2021.


o- I have been able to do as much ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING as I did in 2020 (which doubled because of lockdown).


And I was able to EXPAND AND OFFER MORE SERVICES to the variety of people who have contacted me for help including:




- Working with people who want to SHOW THEIR AUTHENTIC SELVES in authentic ways that don’t look like the CV and resume formats we all use.


- Providing an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIP FOR SEVERAL DOCTORAL STUDENTS who want perspectives beyond their academic world and advisors.


o- I jumped into a weekly MentorTime series (REAL-TIME VIDEO) in March to be available to those wanting real-time help and information. It was originally morning and late afternoon (East Coast US) every Monday. Monday mornings didn’t work for people across time zones so, in 2022, I will hold sessions on different days and times.  


-Thanks to Ron Anderson who joins me on the afternoon sessions to give 2 mentors’ perspectives on the Topic I present and the questions attendees ask.


-Thanks also to Susan Axelrod for the March 2020 (free) session she offered to help women start using live video which helped me better frame MentorTime.


o- I have tested out ONE-TO-MANY APPROACHES to make mentoring more available to the variety of people who contact me for help.


-A pilot of a #FLIPPEDMENTORING APPROACH in late 2020 which I have since applied parts of to more and more of my mentoring with #mentee success. [So more of that will be coming!]


-Providing HYBRID MENTORING SERVICES to provide help when people need it even if my schedule is full.


-IDENTIFYING AND EXPANDING those of my Resources that people find useful or want more of (especially templates and instruction sheets).


o- I took my nascent YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO A MORE ACTIVE phase, ADDING A PLAYLIST for the video products from the weekly MentorTime topics. In 2022, I’ll be doing more playlists for specific professional development topics.


o- I did finally RECORD A LINKEDIN COVER STORY after about 20 attempts starting with first learning how Clips worked. Then I finally accepted that I had to handhold my phone while doing the cover story because Clips requires you to keep your finger on the recording button so that made for janky video when I wanted to show my pom poms.





·       2021 Aug 3: ICL MPH cohort-Build Your Prof Pres and Use it (Thanks to Claudia Batz for the invite/coordination and Nick Martin for the co-collaboration)

·       2021 Nov: Public Health as a Profession for Emerging Professionals: The Saudi and Global Contexts, a 3-seminar series. WAEY Association for Community Health (Thanks to Alaa Mohammed and Dr. Saleh Alessy.)

·       2021 Apr 6: Taking your Mentorship to the Next Level, U Rochester (panelist)

·       2021 Apr 8: APHA SA-NPHW Student Day Lessons in Mentoring (moderator)

·       2021 May 11: Nursing Reflections One Year Later Life Changes, Lessons Learned and Silver Linings (panelist)


o- I am beyond thrilled to have made a NICK MARTIN LIST TWICE this year!

·         Sept. 17: 9 amazing humans to follow on #FollowFriday who are working in #socialimpact #nonprofit and #philanthropy and more...

·         Dec. 31: end-of-year list of 30 amazing people to follow on LinkedIn.



o- I announced (quietly on my just-getting-active Company Page) that I am WRITING A BOOK which is and has been in a variety of bits and pieces for several years. I keep getting more bits and pieces and I'm now putting together the specifics. The book will likely be an INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA WORKBOOK. There - I've said it!


o- I finally GOT THE HANG OF BASIC VIDEO EDITING after trying a variety of video editors. Now I can trim the beginning and ends of various videos! (That may be the end of how much I learn to do on video editing.)


o- My SLIDE GRAPHICS ARE GETTING MUCH BETTER this year. I’ve made these efforts since almost a decade ago when Stephanie Evergreen and Sheila Robinson through AEA started the Potent Presentations Initiative and Ann Emery started blogging about #dataviz. I still start with lots of words on my slides then (almost all the time) go back and replace them with visual images (and sometimes even full visual bleeds).


o-At my experience-rich age, I am finally being MORE EFFICIENT IN MY WORK HABITS. I have (finally) changed how I deal with info coming at me - answering and dealing with emails when I read them now (mostly). I also open a lot of browser tabs to read articles when I have deep-reading time. I now trying to close those tabs in some fashion within a day (unless Chrome bombs out on me and doesn't restore correctly and they’re gone!).


o- I am also TRYING TO NOT GO DOWN A RABBIT HOLE when I am writing an email or a post on LinkedIn or Twitter and find I need more information which gets me to a browser tab or opening an email or text message and then suddenly 20 minutes later I realized where I was going originally and get back to the next thing. Does this happen to you?


o- I BROKE UP WITH MY HAIRDRESSER in June because of her choice about #PublicHealth practices. (She said that she and her family and all of her friends never get vaccinated for flu and they certainly don't feel the need to get vaccinated for covid.)


PS It took me 2 tries over 4 months to find a hairdresser that I liked as well as my hairdresser of more than 12 years.

o- I am starting a 4-WEEK SHORT COURSE in January 2022 on 4 Steps to Build and Use Your Professional Presence.



o- I have made CHANGES IN MY BUSINESS MODEL which will roll out in early 2022. I will be able to give more services to people while ensuring they can use what they learn and can pass it on to others.


Huge thanks to Ann Emory for her perspectives and advice (even though I thought we were discussing how I’d graph my 2010-2021 mentoring data!).


On to 2022. See you there!



  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this. You do inspire. I look forward to contributing to your good work

  2. Wonderful! Whimsical! Wise! Sue Mentors Communication (
    Congratulations and thank you, Fernando

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    1. Forgot to add my name, oops ��


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