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Here’s How You Can Show the Skills You Have

It takes more than just listing SKILLS on your résumé. Our latest Boost Your Career on-demand webinar shows you how to demonstrate the value you bring The Showing and Rating Your Skills webinar will take you through ways to demonstrate your professional value by using your evidence and results instead of listing a variety of skills. We also take you through ways to rate skills such as technology and language use. This webinar complements information in these Boost Your Career webinars: ·        Yes, You Do Have Experience…Here's How to Show It (Part 1) o or o    h ttps:// ·        I Really DO Have Experience (Part 2) o or o The full webinar list to date:   B

New Boost Your Career Webinars Available - and more are coming!

Yes - It has been awhile...and, finally, more webinars are here to help you on your Career Path, co-sponsored by SueMentors and Tulane University! What to Do if I’m Not Working: Part 1-Before and During the Gap Bitly: Full: What to Do if I’m Not Working: Part 2-Re-entry or Continued Gap Bitly: Full: Job Transitions: Voluntary or Not Bitly:   Full: Stay tuned for the next several between now and mid-October:  Showing and Rating Your Skills Cover Letters and Resumes: What to Include and Where Job Application Systems: