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A Decade of SueMentors Mentoring!

The just-finishing 2019 marks a decade of my “formal” SueMentors mentoring. As I reflected on the decade over the last months of 2019, I realized I have learned so much – but haven’t always let mentees and other supporters know that. So I went back to my program-evaluation career and put together an infographic to summarize the 10 years. This shows you what I’ve learned from mentees, the ways mentees have shaped  my delivery of short- and longer-term mentoring, and how I’ve been able to expand from 1-to-1 mentoring to more 1-to-many methods that meet people where they are. Many thanks to the decade of mentees I’ve worked with directly: Mentees who connected through a mentoring program or a “self-referral” or a referral to me from someone else S everal of you who “discovered” me from an online source S ome who I’ve met in person at conferences or by happenstance (like waiting for ride-shares) T hose who have re-contacted me And a special thanks to Kristina Davis,

I feel like an Imposter – Am I one?

I am always surprised when a mentee tells me they feel like a fraud or an imposter – and I know how accomplished they are.  And then I remember the times I have felt this way. Learn what Imposter Syndrome is – and isn’t, what it “means,” and how to deal with it. This is all in the Boost Your Career webinar, Imposter Syndrome: Am I the Only One? Bitly: or Full: Register here for updates on new webinars: And the full Boost Your Career webinar list so far…. Topic Bitly link Full URL Rnd 1 2018 Boost Your Career Webinars 1 Effective Networking -How do I network effectively? -How do I build a professional network? -How do I maintain and continue with my network contact

Demonstrating Leadership across Your Roles

Some mentees I work with find themselves moving from a direct technical role to leading a team in that technical area (and higher). They ask for help in describing their new/evolving role. And often, their first attempt includes all their technical experience and accomplishments and little on what and how they have been leading. The Boost Your Career webinar, Demonstrating Leadership across Your Roles , will help you effectively describe your leadership experience, starting with levels of leadership. This webinar has a guest presenter, Dr. Lisanne Brown, who uses her journey of relocating and a job search to show you how she successfully faced this situation. She explains how she improved her professional profile to demonstrate her leadership experience.   or This webinar complements information on role realignment in the Boost Yo