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Realizing a BIG goal - or What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Since I formally incorporated providing external mentoring about a decade ago, I have had a goal of reaching a wider audience. I kept up on various technologies and mostly kept a list of ideas every time I saw an opportunity for a 1-to-many outreach. I thought about doing 30-second daily mentor tip using SoundCloud (audio recording) after seeing how Baratunde Thurston was using it to reach people. Then I explored hosting a Google Hangout to 'broadcast' to anyone anywhere but the initial Hangout software wasn’t really very user-friendly. I even got Snapchat glasses a few years ago thinking they might help me make video clips to share, but they weren’t a solution either.

Well, I never got very far on any of these or others although I did expand my mentoring 'coverage' to working with more formal programs as well as mentoring individual clients.

Several months ago, I was able to expand the mentoring seminars, workshops and consultations I had been doing with my public health alma mater, Tulane University (TU) School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, through a webinar I developed for the TU Office of Alumni Relations. I worked with Sarah Basinger, Alumni Career Counselor, on the webinar which was focused on helping alums become more engaged as mentors or mentees for TU’s Mentoring Program. I mentioned my desire to Sarah to reach a wider audience – and she encouraged me with her offer to develop more webinars together.

So we did!

We developed the Boost Your Career on-demand webinar series to help you boost and rev up your career. The webinars are succinct and focused (less than 20 minutes each). Each offers practical information, best practices, and real-world, before-and-after examples and solutions based on mentoring and career development experience with professionals like you.

The first 6 webinars will be available from August 6, 2018. (See the webinar list and the questions answered for each webinar below.)

Please sign up here (Google Form: to ensure that you receive early notice for the first set of webinars. It will also ensure that you get news when additional webinars are available. I will be posting links for these as well once they are launched.

And contact me at SueMentors AT if you have problems with the Google form or specific questions.


Effective Networking
·        How do I network effectively?
·        How do I build a professional network?
·        How do I maintain and continue with my network contacts?

No Reply (Is Anyone Out There?)
·        Why don’t I get responses to job applications or networking/outreach?
·        What you can and can’t do (control)
o   Causes
o   Solutions

Why Do I Need a Resume and a CV?
·        What’s the difference between a Résumé (or Resume) and a CV?
·        Why do I need both?
·        What version of my resume do I need to keep?

Yes, You Do Have Experience…Here’s How to Show It (Part 1)
·        How can I demonstrate my value if I don’t have XX years of experience?
·        What if…
o   …I don’t really have any/much experience for getting a job/the job I want?
o   …I haven’t worked much?   (I went straight from high school to undergrad to graduate school)
o   …I want to make a job change and only have limited experience?

I Really DO Have Experience (Part 2)
·        What if…
o   …I don’t really have any/much experience for getting a job/the job I want?
o   …I haven’t worked much?   (I went straight from high school to undergrad to graduate school)

I Have a Job Offer. Now What?
·        What constitutes a job offer?
·        What can I negotiate if the job offer isn’t what I expected?


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