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Mine says Mentoring. What does your Giving Tuesday Donation List reflect back to you?

I did the bulk of my annual donations yesterday on  Giving Tuesday rather than in the last few days of the year as I usually do. I then posted an update to Facebook about having done this - and a friend asked me to which groups I donated. In reflecting how I would answer this question, I suddenly had an “Aha” moment. I have given to organizations that have meant something to me such as the universities providing my education and setting me on a path to the career I've had. I also donate to causes that have touched me personally, usually for friends and relatives affected by severe diseases. And I donate opportunistically but not necessarily every year to causes that reach me through social media and as well as personal network contacts. I realized that yesterday's choices of my Giving Tuesday dollars largely focus on supporting others for better futures through mentoring and education opportunities.   So here is my list from yesterday and my reasons for why