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2021 is not an Infographic Year

  So now I know - My 80% is good enough.   I’m not waiting any longer to write a blog post about each of the things I’ve tried this year since I missed my March 2021 deadline. [This tendency comes from the evaluator in me wanting to analyze each activity individually and share the results/learning.] And I'm not trying to get everything into an infographic like I've done before.   This is my YEAR-END SUMMARY and plans to come as I reflect on 2021.   o- I have been able to do as much ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING as I did in 2020 (which doubled because of lockdown).   And I was able to EXPAND AND OFFER MORE SERVICES to the variety of people who have contacted me for help including:   - Helping colleagues with GROWING/FOCUSING THEIR BUSINESSES   - Working with people who want to SHOW THEIR AUTHENTIC SELVES in authentic ways that don’t look like the CV and resume formats we all use.   - Providing an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIP FOR SEVERAL DOCTORAL STUDENTS wh