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New Boost Your Career Webinars Available - and more are coming!

Yes - It has been awhile...and, finally, more webinars are here to help you on your Career Path, co-sponsored by SueMentors and Tulane University!

What to Do if I’m Not Working: Part 1-Before and During the Gap

What to Do if I’m Not Working: Part 2-Re-entry or Continued Gap

Job Transitions: Voluntary or Not

Stay tuned for the next several between now and mid-October: 
  • Showing and Rating Your Skills
  • Cover Letters and Resumes: What to Include and Where
  • Job Application Systems: What Helps and What Doesn't
  • Imposter Syndrome: Am I the Only One?
  • Demonstrating Leadership across Your Roles
  • Managing Up: You Should Do Your Boss’ Job

And here are more #career webinars to help you on your way.

2018 Webinars
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Effective Networking

No Reply (Is Anyone Out There?)

Why Do I Need a Resume and a CV?

Yes, You Do Have Experience…Here's How to Show It (Part 1)

I Really DO Have Experience (Part 2)

I Have a Job Offer. Now What?

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Mentor: Barbara Rawlins, Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader, Maternal and Child Survival Program

Another feature of this blog is bringing you advice and perspectives from people who mentor, by answering 3 questions.
Here are Barbara Rawlins’ responses:
What are mentees looking for? · Career guidance · Technical advice · Moral support · Advice on how to negotiate politically-sensitive or controversial situation
What 1 piece of advice do you give every mentee you work with? Figure out what they want to do (in the long term) and what steps they can take to get there
Why are you interested in mentoring? To support younger colleagues, especially women, to help attain their career goals

Guidance on Mentoring: What is Mentoring?

This brief guide focuses on defining different aspects of mentoring, whether for an individual or for a team, and includes selected reference resources. It is critical that the mentee and mentor both approach their interaction with the same understanding of the nature and scope of the advising that will be offered. This brief guide can serve as a reference for both parties in arriving at that mutual understanding.
Before delving into mentoring, it’s important to be aware that sometimes the terms “mentoring” and “coaching” are used interchangeably despite important differences between them. There are many resources on mentoring and coaching – and almost as many different definitions for each as well as the similarities and overlap between the two (such as shown in the articles on coaching in the resource list below).Also, most people agree that mentoring is NOT training although a mentor or coach may recommend that a mentee obtain additional training.
What is the nature of the mentoring…

I feel like an Imposter – Am I one?

I am always surprised when a mentee tells me they feel like a fraud or an imposter – and I know how accomplished they are. 
And then I remember the times I have felt this way.
Learn what Imposter Syndrome is – and isn’t, what it “means,” and how to deal with it. This is all in the Boost Your Career webinar, Imposter Syndrome: Am I the Only One?
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And the full Boost Your Career webinar list so far….

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