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Demonstrating Leadership across Your Roles

Some mentees I work with find themselves moving from a direct technical role to leading a team in that technical area (and higher). They ask for help in describing their new/evolving role. And often, their first attempt includes all their technical experience and accomplishments and little on what and how they have been leading.

The Boost Your Career webinar, Demonstrating Leadership across Your Roles, will help you effectively describe your leadership experience, starting with levels of leadership. This webinar has a guest presenter, Dr. Lisanne Brown, who uses her journey of relocating and a job search to show you how she successfully faced this situation. She explains how she improved her professional profile to demonstrate her leadership experience. or
This webinar complements information on role realignment in the Boost Your Career webinar: Job T…

Understanding Job Application Systems – It’s not Just Tailoring Your Resume

Lots of sites will tell you about making your resume fit in online Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). We collaborated with experts to help us all understand the Black Box of online job applications. And we developed Tips and Guidance to bring you the best practices for using an ATS to apply for a job.

This is all in our latest Boost Your Career webinar, Job Application Systems: What Helps and What Doesn't or

We had help in this webinar from Julie Bechtold and Amanda Muñoz in Career Development at Waubonsee Community College (Illinois) who let us use “Getting Past Applicant Tracking Systems” (, part of their “5 Steps to Resume Success.”
This webinar complements information in the Boost Your Career webinar: Cover Letters and Resum…