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Mentor: Linda Fogarty, Senior Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research, Jhpiego

Another feature of this blog is bringing you advice and perspectives from people who mentor, by answering 3 questions. Here are Linda Fogarty’s responses. What are mentees looking for? They want someone to help them believe in themselves, clarify their strengths and passion and their own professional goals Helping them understand what their best is and how they can be their best What 1 piece of advice do you give every mentee you work with? You need to fight for yourself. Understand your professional value and provide that to others. Why are you interested in mentoring? It’s very satisfying to see mentee growth and development and how they transform themselves.

What Kind of Culture do YOU Want to Work in - And How Can You Decide If You Fit?

Most mentees I work with are pursuing a job – whether it’s getting a job or moving to a different job and/or company – and one area that mentees don’t routinely consider is that of a company’s culture. (See resources that describe “company culture” such as Mentees focus on the job under recruitment and on the organization, but they don’t always take the time to understand the hiring organization’s culture – and the mentee’s fit in different company cultures. There are many resources on categories of company cultures that provide job-seekers with ways to assess what categories they would best fit in. And these can be also used in an interview situation to determine culture. Organizational Culture Types 5 Types of Corporate Culture: Which One Is Your Company?