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Sue's Year in Review

Are you surprised to know that I am a dataviz-envier? I don't consider myself very creative so I was happy, a couple years ago, to learn from Susan Kistler and Stephanie Evergreen (both then at AEA- the American Evaluation Association) about p2i-Potent Presentations . I finally made my own p2 for AEA 2013 and felt pretty good about how it turned out. [See  It’s never too late – Just Do It (with apologies to Nike) . ]  I follow all sorts of dataviz experts and expounders on multiple social media sites. I bookmark sites about choosing colors, "rules" for dataviz, and the like. And, occasionally, I look at links about making an infographic - but mostly I just look at all sorts of infographics. At the end of 2013, when Stephanie Evergreen published her infographic Year in Review, I was so impressed - and envious. And then the envy started again, when she published her 2014 annual report  on December 23rd. In the last few days of each year, I usually write a messag