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We all love change, don't we? Words of Advice from #Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom

Never confuse change with chaos. The Tao mentor knows that nature is constantly in motion, changing predictably according to predetermined laws. Seasons are cyclical; moods shift-some days we’re up , others we’re down; we’re well, then ill; hot, then not. According to the Tao, nothing is static.(from Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom)------------------------------Sue Griffey, DrPH, BSN
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skype: suego1 Twitter: SueMentorsBlog: SueMentors.Blogspot.comIf you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

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