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Mentor: Judith Robb-McCord, Health Sector Development Specialist

Another feature of this blog is bringing you advice and perspectives from people who mentor, by answering 3 questions:What are mentees looking for?A mentee wants a broader perspective: ·Understand my talents and potential·Help me think more broadlyWhat 1 piece of advice do you give every mentee you work with?Be very clear about where your job starts and stops so you don’t lose the larger life perspective.  Set your boundaries and know how to say “no.”Why are you interested in mentoring? I have a lot of experience, perspective, and insight as a professional woman who has raised a big family while moving along in my career. I am able to provide advice and guidance about how to negotiate the pathway and maintain balance.Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

A mentor is like a mirror: Even a senior (expert) needs - and wants - mentoring #mentor (

I haven’t been posting for the past 3 months because of an extremely busy time. But I have been mentoring – and in ways that were surprising to me.In July-September, we at Social & Scientific Systems (SSS) were unexpectedly were facing the sooner-than-expected project close-out, and it meant that several staff needed to be looking for new jobs. I wasn’t surprised that some of the staff – mostly those still early in their careers – were asking for my help in updating their resumes. I was more surprised to have two very senior and experienced professionals ask for my help. When they gave me their resumes to review before we met, I realized that both were examples of why a mentor can be useful, no matter how far along you are in your career.One had an illustrious and varied career and many qualifications prior to coming to SSS two years ago. But her resume read like someone who had just finished graduate school. She was very detailed in listing all the things she did (both in her SSS…

Interested in an International Development Career? GHFP Career Panel and Networking Event in DC, July 28th!

From the Global Health Fellows ProgramMake a Difference with a Career that Matters!
Learn about jobs in Global Health

Career panel and networking event featuring GHFP Fellows working in a variety of global health positions at USAID

July 28th from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm (Panel to start at 6:00) WHERE:
Global Health Fellows Program National Press Building
529 14th Street, NW
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20045
Click HERE for a mapFood will be providedDiscussion including valuable resources and networkingtips for finding a job in global healthYou MUST RSVP to by Friday, July 22nd as space is limited© 2011 Global Health Fellows Program. All Rights Reserved.Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

A baking day today: choc bundt cake, graham crax bars, oatmeal raisin cookies, sour cream almond sugar cookies. The freezer is full. Yum.

I always figure – once I get the cookie sheets out and the oven is hot, I might as well keep baking. This is a lot like my work life.I don’t always realize when I am doing a lot versus actually overdoing it – like today. Double and quadruple batches of all the cookies. And then I just had to make the bundt cake too for the Dad’s Day cookout.So, by the time of the cookout, I was almost too tired to enjoy the company and the picnic food.I do this at work too – get so involved in work that I am not always careful to do enough but not too much.I am better at that now than I used to be – I take my down time and really kick back. But I am constantly on my guard about this because I realize how much energy overdoing can use up – and how long it can take you to build up the energy stockpile again.So, for you faithful readers who also may wander into the territory of overdoing work, don’t forget to keep an eye on your work-life balance. Just as you don’t let your food stocks at home get too lo…

Interesting recommendations in “Get help finding a job or advancing in a tough economy” from @GailMarksJarvis’ blog “On Money” from January 24, 2011 ( #mentor

In Gail MarksJarvis’ blog “On Money” from January 24, 2011, she had interesting recommendations in “Get help finding a job or advancing in a tough economy.” Here are the main points, but the blog has very helpful information. @gailmarksjarvisGO TO STARBUCKS OR THE GYMBYPASSING HUMAN RESOURCESINTERNET FOR RESEARCH; NOT APPLICATIONSFOLLOW THE NEWSGET DISCOVEREDTURNED DOWN FOR A JOBGET A CONTRACTMAGICAL PHRASESREVEAL BUT NOT TOO MUCHPosted via email from sue griffey's posterous

Mentor: Anne Pfitzer, Acting Director, Saving Newborn Lives ( #mentor

Another feature of this blog is bringing you advice and perspectives from people who mentor, by answering 3 questions:What are mentees looking for?Most are looking for a job and advice about how to get one. I refer them to your [@SueMentors] favorite resources – LinkedIn, Devex, etc. Also if someone shares a CV, I will hold on to it and often even share it with a few people.What 1 piece of advice do you give every mentee you work with?It depends on what the mentee is embarking on. Often, in cross cultural settings especially, I recommend starting new work by listening a lot - figuring out who the informal opinion leaders are and engaging with them. Working through others can make it easier to accomplish goals rather than being out front all the time.For overseas junior staff, especially women, I tell them not to be afraid to express their ideas. Even if their idea is not accepted, it helps to put themselves out there to learn and develop.Why are you interested in mentoring? I have ben…

Springtime Spruce-up: Don't forget to update all aspects of you - including your brand. #mentor

If you’ve followed this blog, you know I have recommended a variety of solutions that will connect the electronic you (your web and online presence) to the real you. This goal is so that everything you communicate to people – personally and professionally – reinforces the person you are and want to be known as and remembered for.But don’t forget to keep it up to date – and springtime in the US finds many of us doing spring cleaning. So do this to your professional self as well as your house or your wardrobe.Use the checklist to check your professional consistency:-Does your professional email (the one you maintain outside of your work email) let people know it’s you?If you’re still using, now is the time to check for your name on Yahoo, Hotmail, Google or your ISP-provided email. You can usually find some combination of:               FirstnameLastname@ Firstname.Lastname@firstinitialLastname@FirstnameMiddleinitialLastname@ When people search for you in their In Box…

Mentor: Kama Garrison, Senior Advisor at an international aid agency

Mentor: Kama Garrison, Senior Advisor at an international aid agencyAnother feature of this blog is bringing you advice and perspectives from people who mentor, by answering 3 questions:What are mentees looking for?How to do what I am doing in my job and my career.What 1 piece of advice do you give every mentee you work with?Get a specific skill set while you are in graduate school, especially taking courses on and getting experience in working with data.Why are you interested in mentoring? I enjoy watching mentees grow professionally. Though I don't seek out mentoring opportunities, I make the most of those that arrive. Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

We all love change, don't we? Words of Advice from #Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom

Never confuse change with chaos. The Tao mentor knows that nature is constantly in motion, changing predictably according to predetermined laws. Seasons are cyclical; moods shift-some days we’re up , others we’re down; we’re well, then ill; hot, then not. According to the Tao, nothing is static.(from Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom)------------------------------Sue Griffey, DrPH, BSN
8615 Meadowsweet Ct.
Columbia MD 21045

tel: 410.480.9607
mobile: 240.463.2653
skype: suego1 Twitter: SueMentorsBlog: SueMentors.Blogspot.comIf you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

Article: International Development - What’s Next in AED Asset Sale: A Conversation with Misha Galley

You oughta be in pictures - But remember that a head shot should be mostly head (See

More and more of us are comfortable with an online professional presence that also includes a photo. And digital cameras make it easy now to get a pretty decent head shot to use in the various online professional websites you should be using.Just make sure it’s a good one.Most sites reduce your photo presence so a head shot should be of your head. Don’t worry about showing off your clothing or diplomas or awards behind you or on your desk. They detract from YOU.Make sure the picture is clear and bright. A very dark picture is almost as bad as no picture at all. Don’t crop a head shot from a much larger photo or it will be fuzzy in the cropped view (unless you have a very high-megapixel camera).Update your head shot every few months. In LinkedIn, for example, that gets you listed in the weekly LinkedIn updates and reminds people you are around. This is especially useful if you follow another recommendation I make – to post answers to questions and comment on discussions in the groups y…

We all want professional connections - or do we?

If you have been following this blog, you know I recommend that you establish an online presence and keep it updated, using some specific tools that are helpful for you as a professional.I am seeing more and more people getting on line and finding and using various e-tools that I’ve recommended you use. Online presences are expanding very quickly. Have you noticed?I have been struck by this and thought I’d share an interesting article about LinkedIn and comments on Twitter followers and Facebook friend requests to consider in terms of your professional self. LinkedInI have been surprised over the past several weeks that I have been getting more and more LinkedIn requests to connect with people I have never met or even seem to have a connection with. Of the 5 people I wrote back to last week (asking them to remind me how I knew them or why they wanted to connect) rather than just accepting their linking request, only 1 answered me – and she reminded me that we’d met at a conference 8 m…

Want to start working in international development? Feb. 4th Deadline for GHFP Global Health Internships #USAID #internship

The application deadline for the Global Health Fellows Program’s summer 2011 internships is Friday, February 4, 2011. Openings are with the US Agency for International Development in the Agency’s Washington, DC headquarters and in Kampala, Uganda with USAID Mission partner organizations. These internships are a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of global health. You will work with experienced professionals on health projects of international importance. Technical areas include: HIV/AIDS Infectious diseases (e.g. malaria, avian influenza, TB) Maternal and child health Reproductive health Nutrition Commodities and logistics Detailed information, including an online application and instructions, is available on our website at Applications are due by February 4, 2011. A variety of competitive, paid positions at the graduate level are available. We are interested in people from a broad range of disciplines including: Public health Social work Educat…