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Leadership #quote "The world really is run by the people who show up. It isn't trite; it's true!" Mary Woody, MSN, RN FAAN (

"The world really is run by the people who show up. It isn't trite; it's true!" Mary Woody, MSN, RN FAA former Dean, CNO, Charter Fellow and Living Legend of the American Academy of Nursing (AA) (d. 2010)from the article Leadership: What the books don’t tell you By Leah Curtin, RN, SciD (h), FAAN, Vol. 5, No. 11Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous

What Were You Aiming at This Year? And Did You Get There?

26 Dec. 2010The end of the year is always a time of reflection. Do you think back on what’s happened during the year? Try it - it can be surprising to do this – a year turns out to be a long time.You may not make resolutions on New Year’s each year, but most of us return to work in early January with a renewed sense of our professional selves, charged up from rest, relaxation, celebration, and connections.Last January when 2010 was just starting, did you expect to be reading a blog like this? Did it help you, spur something inside you to take an action to further your professional life? By March as spring weather (at least in the NE of the US) was urging us to spend more time outside and we were beginning to see more daylight, did you decide to do more of something at work or to keep up professionally? When summer came and you took some vacation, did you take a book on leadership along with your summer beach reads? Maybe the fall saw you redoubling efforts such as organizing your prof…

Patience "Observe calmly the natural unfolding of events. Rapid growth and advancement are unnatural." Tao of Mentoring #quote

"While perseverance, a deliberate mind-set, keeps us constantly moving toward the attainment of a vision during times of discouragement, patiences is the virtue that enables us to stay calmly focused and enjoy the wait as the vision unfolds." from Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom Posted via email from sue griffey's posterous